LOOKBOOK : Weekend Style

Got anything exciting to do on the weekend? Do not forget to do it fashionably! Relax, don’t get stressed, I got you covered. Here, I am bringing you daily lookbook for the weekend for any occasion you’re going. I hope this lookbook gives you some inspirations, Enjoy!

  • Brunch

Daily Lookbook - #3 - Brunch

Brunch is very typical with pastels or bright colors. It is a casual thing but also kind of fancy, so usually, people wear smart casual attires. The look above is perfect to show you saying “I’m being relaxed yet fancy schmancy, look at my outfit.” The hat and the semi-formal shorts somehow makes the look chill and fashionable. You can obviously wear some cute heels. Flats just make it more casual.

  • Go to amusement parks

Daily Lookbook - #3 - Theme Parks

You’re going to spend all day, sweaty, and having fun at a theme park, so you have to wear a comfy, active and practical outfit. A backpack is the definition of practical. T-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers are the definition of comfy. What are you waiting for? Just put it all together and you got yourself a perfect outfit for you to care less about outfit malfunction during the day. Oh, and do not forget to wear a hat, especially a baseball hat (which is currently on trend), or sunglasses for your protection from the sun.

  • Movie time

Daily Lookbook - #3 - Movie

We all know that we have to bring a big purse to the cinema to sneak our favorite snacks since the foods they sell are so expensive. So, first, a big purse is a must. Second, we got to wear cozy outfits like leggings and sweaters because the theater sometimes can be too cold. The outfit above is so simple, stylish, yet comfy.

  • Night out with friends

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.44.36 PMDaily Lookbook - #3 - Gurls


Hanging out with the girls is so much fun, especially if your squad members are all fabulous. You can go to dinner, malls, the club, or just strolling around the city, where ever you like but make sure you wear the proper outfit. Show the fun side of you when you are in a group of people, it can be by either wearing fun colors (such as red, yellow, and pink) or showing some skin (wear such as asymmetrical cut, off the shoulder tops, and crop tops). Heels are a must, to show off the legs, but only wear them if you’re comfortable with them because the main rule of any style is confidence.

4 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK : Weekend Style”

  1. YASSSS!!! You definitely know how to dress effortessly classy. This style is what I’ve always been looking for.. Can’t wait for your next post! You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just survived a week full of uni assignments and currently planning to go to brunch with my girlfriends to celebrate!:) Your post definitely helps me in choosing my outfit. Thanks a lot!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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