LOOKBOOK : Day to Night Expert

Are you that one busy person whose schedule is always full from sunrise to sunset? Well, events in the morning and in the evening might be different, and yes, might need different attires. That is why today’s daily lookbook is here, to inspire you on how to change your look from day to night. Enjoy and do not forget to comment which look is your favorite!
The main key to master the day to night look is changing the accessories, the simplest way is changing them to dark colors with some bling, such as black and gold. Also, do not forget to wear heels to make it more formal (since these looks require some joggers and a t-shirt dress). Oh so stylish.
You are a sophisticated career woman who works hard during the day yet still want to mingle with friends at night. Once again, change the accessories. Change the heels to more strappy sexy heels, the work bag to small evening bag, and put either bold earrings or a bold necklace. This is one of the ways you can balance your career and social life. Haha..
Who says night looks always involve some heels? Well, not me. For example, you are a full-time student and your friends invite you to go to the movie theater or dinner or just hanging out at night. Simple, just swap your blue jeans to a fitted skirt. Keep the sneakers and the backpack (a smaller one is cuter), also put a little bit of bling. And viola, you are ready to go. Adorable, chic, and the most important is comfy.

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