LOOKBOOK : Model Kebaya Graduation

Hello, friends who are graduating! Selamat ya, ciee finally leaving school for good. Graduation must be one of the major events we’ve been waiting for, that is why we have to look fabulous. Untuk kalian, millennials, siswa SMA atau college students yang sebentar lagi wisuda dan bingung mau pake kebaya apa, mau modern apa klasik, warna apa, model apa, maunya agak simple tapi tetap wow. Tenang, aku akan kasih kalian tips model kebaya graduation yang mungkin bisa menginspirasi kalian dalam mengambil keputusan. (sebelumnya I’m sorry for the quality of most photos, which are bad. These are the best I could find, credits to pinterest)

  1. Color

Graduation usually diadakan pagi sampai siang, maka dari itu, menurutku lebih baik memilih warna-warna pastel, yang muda-muda, atau bright colors juga oke. Warna-warna kebaya favorit aku buat day ocassion adalah mint, biru muda, beige, dan dusty pink/purple. To be honest, I’m not that into wearing kebaya with bright colors, tapi kalau kalian mau pakai kuning, lime green atau coral, itu juga fun and interesting.

2. Kebaya

Ada banyak style untuk kebaya, tapi kalian harus pilih model yang sesuai dengan stylemu dan kondisinya nanti (sesuai dress codes dan weather, Indonesia can be way too warm). Berikut adalah contoh model kebaya yang menurutku sesuai untuk graduation:

  • Classic

Tiga gambar di atas merupakan contoh model kebaya yang menurutku paling aman tapi tetap nice untuk graduation.

  • Types of sleeves

Banyak model yang bisa buat kebaya lebih fun dan berbeda. Misalkan model lengan bell-sleeves, bat wings, off the shoulder (atau biasa disebut model sabrina), atau semacam ada cape-nya gitu.

3. Bottoms

Kebaya pada umumnya selalu dipasangkan dengan rok, walaupun bisa aja gitu pakai wide-legs pants, cuma lebih anggun kalau pakai rok. Bawahannya bisa sepanjang apapun, model apapun, yang penting kamu percaya diri. Berikut aku kasih contoh types of skirts yang menurutku fabulous untuk graduation.

  • Long straight/pencil skirt

Rok model ini sangat klasik dan elegan. Kalau mau lebih extra lagi, kalian bisa pakai songket. Kalau mau sedikit lebih casual, rok lilit juga bisa jadi pilihan.

  • Mermaid

Rok model mermaid menjadi pilihan menarik kalau menurutmu kebayamu boring. Bisa juga ditambah slit sedikit sampai selutut (jangan ketinggian kalau buat di sekolah haha) seperti rancangan Anne Avantie pada gambar di atas. Ini style favorit aku karena totalitas shayy.

  • Midi

Kalau kamu merasa risih pakai rok panjang, kepanasan, gak bisa jalan, susah duduk, pakai rok midi juga masih anggun. Rok midi cocok untuk kalian yang mau kelihatan not too formal yet not too casual but still elegant.

4. Shoes & Accessories

You can wear either heels or flats, what so ever, it depends on your confidence. Kalau mau totalitas, jelas pakai heels. Kalau kalian merasa gak kuat pakai heels, pakai flats juga no problem, yang penting tetap decent. Aksesoris, anting, kalung, gelang, headpiece, semuanya harus disesuaikan sama kebaya kalian. Karena it’s all about balancing. Kalau kebaya kamu simple, you can rock the accessories and shoes, vice versa.

LOOKBOOK : Day to Night Expert

Are you that one busy person whose schedule is always full from sunrise to sunset? Well, events in the morning and in the evening might be different, and yes, might need different attires. That is why today’s daily lookbook is here, to inspire you on how to change your look from day to night. Enjoy and do not forget to comment which look is your favorite!
The main key to master the day to night look is changing the accessories, the simplest way is changing them to dark colors with some bling, such as black and gold. Also, do not forget to wear heels to make it more formal (since these looks require some joggers and a t-shirt dress). Oh so stylish.
You are a sophisticated career woman who works hard during the day yet still want to mingle with friends at night. Once again, change the accessories. Change the heels to more strappy sexy heels, the work bag to small evening bag, and put either bold earrings or a bold necklace. This is one of the ways you can balance your career and social life. Haha..
Who says night looks always involve some heels? Well, not me. For example, you are a full-time student and your friends invite you to go to the movie theater or dinner or just hanging out at night. Simple, just swap your blue jeans to a fitted skirt. Keep the sneakers and the backpack (a smaller one is cuter), also put a little bit of bling. And viola, you are ready to go. Adorable, chic, and the most important is comfy.

LOOKBOOK : Weekend Style

Got anything exciting to do on the weekend? Do not forget to do it fashionably! Relax, don’t get stressed, I got you covered. Here, I am bringing you daily lookbook for the weekend for any occasion you’re going. I hope this lookbook gives you some inspirations, Enjoy!

  • Brunch

Daily Lookbook - #3 - Brunch

Brunch is very typical with pastels or bright colors. It is a casual thing but also kind of fancy, so usually, people wear smart casual attires. The look above is perfect to show you saying “I’m being relaxed yet fancy schmancy, look at my outfit.” The hat and the semi-formal shorts somehow makes the look chill and fashionable. You can obviously wear some cute heels. Flats just make it more casual.

  • Go to amusement parks

Daily Lookbook - #3 - Theme Parks

You’re going to spend all day, sweaty, and having fun at a theme park, so you have to wear a comfy, active and practical outfit. A backpack is the definition of practical. T-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers are the definition of comfy. What are you waiting for? Just put it all together and you got yourself a perfect outfit for you to care less about outfit malfunction during the day. Oh, and do not forget to wear a hat, especially a baseball hat (which is currently on trend), or sunglasses for your protection from the sun.

  • Movie time

Daily Lookbook - #3 - Movie

We all know that we have to bring a big purse to the cinema to sneak our favorite snacks since the foods they sell are so expensive. So, first, a big purse is a must. Second, we got to wear cozy outfits like leggings and sweaters because the theater sometimes can be too cold. The outfit above is so simple, stylish, yet comfy.

  • Night out with friends

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.44.36 PMDaily Lookbook - #3 - Gurls


Hanging out with the girls is so much fun, especially if your squad members are all fabulous. You can go to dinner, malls, the club, or just strolling around the city, where ever you like but make sure you wear the proper outfit. Show the fun side of you when you are in a group of people, it can be by either wearing fun colors (such as red, yellow, and pink) or showing some skin (wear such as asymmetrical cut, off the shoulder tops, and crop tops). Heels are a must, to show off the legs, but only wear them if you’re comfortable with them because the main rule of any style is confidence.

LOOKBOOK : Styling Red Lipstick

Some people might be afraid of wearing red lips. But, you know what? It is actually perfect for every occasion! We just have to wear the right outfit to rock red lips. That is why now, I am bringing you a new daily lookbook on what to wear with red lipsticks to boost your confidence because the main thing you need to wear red lips successfully is confidence. Enjoy!

1. Red, Black, and White

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.26.07 AM

Topshop white one shoulder top / Ted Baker pleated trousers / Topshop black leather ankle booties / Milly box clutch / Topshop earrings

Monochromatic outfits with red lips, very classy, indeed. This is the safest way to wear red lips. You can wear all black or all white, it will do the job. If you want to wear all black or all white, do wear different textures to make it more interesting, not bland. For example, if you wear a black satin top, wear a black pleated skirt and a patterned bag. One more thing, to make your outfit even more classy, gold and silver accessories work.

2. Red and Green

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.26.33 AM

Topshop crop top / Topshop pencil skirt/ Topshop leather boots / Topshop pearl earrings

Based on the wheel of color, green is the opposite of red. That is why it is perfect for color blocking with red. Wearing green and red can be too “Christmasy”, and we do not want wearing Christmas outfits on regular basis. So, to prevent the extra Christmas spirit (I’m not saying Christmas spirit is bad, lol, I love it), wear something darker than the green you are wearing, like black, or you can wear army greens. This way will not only reduce the Christmas effect but also boost you fashionista spirit. And one more thing, do not forget to wear patterns either on your accessories or shoes to make the outfit looks fun.

3. Shades of Beige

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.27.01 AM

Alice Olivia slimming top / Sea, New York stretch waist pants / Christian Louboutin nude high heel shoes / Chloé beige bag

We have been talking about red lips with all black and all white, what about all beige? The answer is yes, please. Wearing neutral with red lips always looks good, but do bring some shades. Do not wear one shade of nude head to toe, it will make you look like a piece of cardboard, lol. Instead, by wearing different shades and a little touch of patterns will balance your outfit and obviously, you will look more fashionable and chic.

LOOKBOOK : Smart Casual for Business School

Sebagai mahasiswa sekolah bisnis, aku diwajibkan berpakaian rapi setiap harinya, seperti memakai baju berkerah dan sepatu atau bisa dibilang smart casual. Sometimes, peraturan ini membatasi aku untuk berpakaian sesuai dengan style-ku. Selain itu, terkadang jadinya suka “main aman” kalau ke kampus, hanya pakai jeans dan kemeja, karena memang yang namanya ke kampus inginnya terlihat like we don’t think too much tapi tetap stylish.

Kali ini, aku memberi daily lookbook about business school outfits, dari hari Senin sampai Jumat, sebagai inspirasi bagi kalian yang kampusnya memiliki peraturan serupa dengan kampusku.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.55.52 AM
Top (Topshop), Jeans (GAP), Backpack (Chiara Ferragni Collection), Shoes (Neiman Marcus), Watch (Michael Kors), Bangle (Tiffany&co)

Hari Senin, rasanya males banget untuk memulai minggu ini. Untuk menunjukkan semangat minggu ini, aku memutuskan untuk memilih atasan dengan warna yang bold, dipadukan dengan classic girlfriend blue jeans, loafers simple berwarna hitam, dan aksesoris jam dan gelang emas untuk memberikan sentuhan blingy bling-bling. Untuk backpack, aku pilih sesuatu yang bermotif agar outfit ini memiliki tekstur.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.35.23 AM
Top (Romwe.com), Jeans (GAP), Backpack (Herschel Supply Co), Watch (Michael Kors), Shoes (Sophia Webster)

Don’t wash the jeans yet! Aku memilih kombinasi classic stripes shirt dengan girlfriend jeans yang sama dengan hari Senin, karena ini adalah kombinasi paling mudah disaat kita gak mau mikir mau pake baju apa hari itu. Yang menarik dari outfit ini adalah flat shoes yang memiliki pop of colour dan basically makes the outfit looks put together, dan backpack-nya yang compliments warna pink pada sepatunya.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.56.54 AM
Bag (Longchamp), Watch (Michael Kors), Shoes (Puma)

Weekend masih lama, shaay! Hari Rabu enaknya pakai yang simple-simple aja, santai. Shirt dress merupakan pilihan tepat kalau mau yang cepat dan mudah. Kalau dress-nya terlalu pendek, dapat dipadukan dengan legging (which is very very comfy ya). Supaya lebih comfy lagi, sneakers adalah jawabannya. Dengan memilih sneakers yang unik (seperti berbahan suede dan bermotif) dan aksesoris rambut (seperti bandana), sangat membuat menarik outfit yang tadinya sangat simple.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.57.20 AM
Top (H&M), Jeans (Topshop), Bag (Longchamp), Shoes (Chiara Ferragni Collection), Watch (Marc by Marc Jacob)

Sejauh ini, ketebak banget jurus aku to level up an outfit is pop of colors. Just put some simple things with cute colors together, and you’re done. Outfit hari Kamis sangat simple tapi tetap lucu Karena melibatkan warna pastel.


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.57.34 AM

Yay, akhirnya Jumat! Outfit ini cocok untuk kalian yang setelah beres kelas, mau langsung hang out sama teman-teman atau sekedar jalan-jalan.. sendiri.. huhuhu (yang penting fabulous!). Rok a-line dipadukan dengan kemeja yang diikat bawahnya, supaya tetap kelihatan fitted tapi lebih menarik dibanding sekedar dimasukkan ke dalam roknya. Dan sekali lagi, pop of color, guys. Sepatu dan anting yang matching, warna pink sepatu dan tas yang senada, membuat aman pop of color-nya, supaya gak mengagetkan gitu.

That’s all for this daily lookbook. Semoga kalian enjoy dan ini dapat menginspirasi kalian dalam berpakaian ke kampus. Thank you so much for reading!